For people who truly appreciate a good cigar, the Cigar Humidifiers are a standard that allows these expensive cigars to keep their flavor and stay in as good a condition as they were when they were first purchased.  Like a fine wine, the tobacco that is used in a good cigar improves with age.  It's also true that when cigars are kept in their original cellophane wrappers that they will only last a week or two because they dry out, and when that happens, the flavor becomes musty, it can separate, and generally it burns too fast as well.  To ensure that the collection of expensive cigars are properly maintained, they need to be stored in a specifically designed humidor that maintains the correct temperature and humidity.

Best Models

There are a few manufacturers who make Cigar Humidifiers for this specific market.  Generally, they are made as beautiful wood storage cabinets of Spanish Cedar, Dark Cherry, Brazilwood, or Dark Mahogany.  The beauty of the compartment is as important to the collector as the prized contents inside.  Some of the highest rated models are as follows:

- One of the most recognized models is the Daniel Marshall models that are made of some of the finest Spanish Cedar, and the Ambiente model is one of the highest rated.  It is equipped with a hygrometer to measure the moisture in the box, and a humidifier that ensures the humidity stays at the most effective levels.  This case is made with a black matte lacquer satin finish and have solid brass hinges as well as a locking system.  One model also is available with a lifting tray that doubles the storage capacity.

- Another exceptional humidor specially made for cigars is the Craftsman Bench brands.  There are various models made of some of the most exotic woods and they have a built in hygrometer that measures the moisture in the case and a humidifier to guarantee the correct level is maintained.  They come in a variety of sizes that are tabletop models holding up to 25 quality cigars to the largest size that holds up to 110 cigars.  

There are also a variety of models that are handy for storing these expensive cigars when the consumer is traveling.  These come in a variety of aluminum case styles, or leather briefcase styles that hold anywhere from four to 65 cigars, and are kept protected and safe while traveling.

How the Humidor Works

These Cigar Humidifiers are designed to keep the humidity and temperature at the recommended levels to ensure the quality of the cigar is maintained.  Inside is a carefully controlled environment that stays between 70 and 72 percent allowing the cigars to be kept hydrated and ensuring freshness.  In most models a hygrometer is attached to the box so that it can monitor the humidity levels.  In some cases, it's even possible to restore the flavor to a cigar that has been left to dry out – it takes a long time, but it can happen over the course of several weeks.

Enhancing the Flavor

For cigar aficionados, nothing is better than a good cigar, and it's a requirement that they have Cigar Humidifiers to keep the flavor as good as the day they were purchased.  There are a variety of beautiful humidors that are well made and fit well in any décor.

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